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Franklin Academy for School Students

The Franklin Academy is a four-week program developed by the Franklin Club, which offers week-end lectures led by Franklin Club staff and University of Georgia lecturers. Our program provides maximum student involvement and the knowledge gained from the lectures is used by the participants in the seminars to practice various types of academic debates and simulations. Within the framework of the course, educational trips are also organized in state and non-governmental institutions of Georgia.

Level I

The Franklin Academy 101 module covers six subjects over four weeks. Students will gain comprehensive knowledge within each subject. To better assimilate theoretical knowledge, the academy also provides practical modules.

Introduction to Politics
Political ideologies Economy
Human rights and the rule of law
International Relations

At the end of the Franklin Academy, all participants will be awarded a certificate of completion, and students with the best academic achievement will be gifted with prizes.

Level II

Upon completion of the one-month Franklin Academy course, graduates are given the opportunity to continue their studies at the second stage of the Franklin Academy. The second stage of the Franklin Academy consists of four different modules:

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