Franklin Club: Introduction to Political Ideologies

Introduction to Political Ideologies

Course by: Rezi Topuria
LecturersRezi Topuria
duration4 weeks, 8 hours in class
whenNov 2021 — Dec 2021
whereUniversity of Georgia, Tbilisi


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Course details

How is it taught
The course will use combined methods that include interactive lectures, discussions, debates and practical assignments.

What do you get
After completing the course, students will be able to better evaluate their ideological views and realize them in life. Students will be able to participate in discussions on issues relevant to their political ideology, governance and politics in general. Upon completion of the course students will receive certificate of participation.

Political ideologies are a rather complex subject that even experienced researchers find difficult to work on, but at the same time, it is a field we have daily contact with. It can be said that we ourselves live within the framework of political ideologies. Willingly or not, in everyday life we ​​think politically and use a number of political terms or ideas to express our views. Whether we realize it or not, we all have our own political ideology.
The aim of the course is for the student to get acquainted with the basic political ideologies and then find him/herself on a political compass.

Along with receiving general knowledge, students will develop critical thinking that will help them better evaluate politicians and parties and make informed choices.


The course will address the following issues:

  1. Introduction to Political Ideologies - 2 hours
    Knowledge of the nature of ideology and the definition of its concepts;
    Categorization of political ideas and ideologies.

  2. Liberalism - Classical vs Modern - 2 hours
    The origin of liberalism and the stages of its development;
    The basic postulates of liberalism;
    Differences between Classical liberalism / libertarianism and modern liberalism

  3. Conservatism - 1 hour
    The origins of conservatism and the history of its development;
    Basic ideas of conservatism;
    Different forms of conservatism: authoritarian, one-nation, British, Christian democracy, New Right.

  4. Socialism & Communism - 1 hour
    The origin of socialism and the stages of its development;
    The basic postulates of socialism;
    The difference between socialism and communism.

  5. Nationalism - 1 hour
    The Origins and Basic Ideas of Nationalism;
    Different forms of nationalism: liberal, conservative, imperialist;

  6. Fascism - 1 hour
    The Origins of Fascism and Basic Ideas;
    Differences between Fascism and Nazism;