Franklin Club is an association dedicated to promoting classical liberal / libertarian values and facilitating cooperation between its members.

Franklin Club's ongoing and planned activities include educational and media projects, research, political discussions, activism, and consulting. The club remains open to a wide range of initiatives strengthening the classical liberal community and its causes. 


Mission & Vision

In a world torn between socialist and conservative visions, it is vital to revive, develop and promote classical liberalism values and solutions. We believe that various freedoms only go hand-in-hand: personal freedom is not sustainable without economic freedom and vise-versa.

We hope not only to strengthen the global struggle for liberty but also to bring something new to the table. Our country’s temporal and geographical location at the crossroads of political and economic systems, cultures and civilisations gives us a first hand understanding of a wide range of socio-political challenges. That includes communist and post-communist regimes as well as the ongoing culture clashes between western, eastern european and middle-eastern values. 


What we do

Franklin Club is an association of classical liberals and libertarians dedicated to promoting the idea that individual choice and a market economy are necessary conditions of a prosperous and free society. Our members include people who have experience promoting the ideas of liberty through different mediums: academia, the private sector, education-oriented NGOs, and even government. Frankliners are equipped with a wide variety of technical skills and expertise - some being economists and data scientists, while others are lawyers and political philosophers. 


Our projects

Over the last few months, Franklin Academy hosted fifteen cohorts of students. Franklin Academy is a one-month educational program created by Franklin Club. It assists school students interested in economics, politics, human rights, and international relations in broadening their theoretical and practical knowledge. So far, over 1600 students have participated in Franklin School. These students actively took part in different academic debates and simulations. After finishing Franklin Academy, students were given a bilingual certificates. 

Franklin Club also organizes a series of panel discussions named “Franklin Talks”. The participants in Franklin Talks have discussed Georgia’s trade policy, international economics, and the consequences of regulation for Georgian businesses. Franklin Talks also hosted a debate regarding the Economic Liberty Act. Another event by Franklin Talks saw each of its participants present one specific idea for economic reform in Georgia. 

In addition to Franklin Talks and Franklin School, our members are also recording podcasts with different experts and industry leaders under the mantle of “Franklin Podcast”. Franklin Podcast’s episodes have touched on topics such as: artificial intelligence and its potential risks and benefits, the crisis in Afghanistan, and Georgia’s monetary policy.


Why are we called Franklin Club

What does our association have to do with Benjamin Franklin? Franklin spent his entire career defending individual freedom, the right to free speech, freedom of religion, and economic liberty. His public work included decades of influential publications which culminated in his participation in drafting the Declaration of Independence and the enactment of the then-revolutionary constitution.

In addition to the foundational values, Franklin paid great attention to the dissemination of knowledge and the spread of technological progress. He took part in the establishment of libraries and other educational endeavours. Furthermore, he was one of the leading inventors of the era. 

Nevertheless, one of our primary reasons for naming the association after Franklin was his special relationship with social movements and organizations. Ever since his youth, Franklin, in order to foster civic and personal development, founded and participated in different organizations which helped mobilize people with different skill-sets.