What is Franklin Club:

Franklin Club is an association dedicated to promoting classical liberal / libertarian values by creating a network of like-minded individuals from different walks of life. 


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to transform society so that free markets, private property, and individual liberties are acknowledged, cherished, and protected.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to contribute to the revival of classical liberalism as a mainstream political force through educating civil society and pursuing political change.

What do we do:

Franklin Club is an association of classical liberals and libertarians dedicated to promoting the idea that individual choice and a market economy are necessary conditions of a prosperous and free society. It is our understanding that in a world torn between socialist and conservative visions, it is vital to revive, develop and promote classical liberalism values and solutions. We believe that various freedoms only go hand-in-hand: personal freedom is not sustainable without economic freedom and vise-versa.

Our members include people who have experience promoting the ideas of liberty through different mediums: academia, the private sector, education-oriented NGOs, and even government. Frankliners are equipped with a wide variety of technical skills and expertise - some being economists and data scientists, while others are lawyers and political philosophers